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Manufacturing of innovative residential components.

Since 1993, conceptMAT has developed expertise in the field of prefabricated structural elements destined for construction in the housing industry.

A large number of residential projects on Quebec's north shore have been realised using prefabricated walls, roof trusses, steel joists, and windows manufactured in conceptMAT factories. Our products have also been exported by sea to ports in northern regions.

Rather than follow the construction industry, conceptMAT belongs to the class of companies that innovates and invests in research and development to offer consumers and contractors the best products on the market.

Optimal thermal insulation

Revolutionary concept: our walls, your projects!

Optimal thermal insulation
An innovation: Révolution Concept

Our teams have designed a revolutionary and exclusive prefabricated wall, through a unique manufacturing process which insulates and soundproofs it. This patented technology improves the wall's insulating properties and greatly reduces heat loss, and results in significant energy savings.

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conceptMAT innovates in a sustainable way

conceptMAT innovates
in a sustainable way

  • Prefabricated walls
  • Steel joists
  • Plank flooring
  • Wood roof trusses

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conceptMAT inc. is a company specializing in prefabricated building components and the manufacturing of roof trusses, floor joists,
prefabricated walls.


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