Patio Door Systems

A judicious combination of the durability
of the aluminum and the warmth of the PVC.

  • The Fusion hybrid patio door has a 6" frame with PVC interior and aluminum exterior
  • Metal reinforced sashes are integrated in the frame for a sealed unit of 7/8" (22.2mm)


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Fusion Patio Door

+ Benefits

  • This high-performance and robust door is perfect for light-weight commercial purposes, condominiums and apartment towers

+ Options

  • Security bar
  • Exterior key lock
  • Brickmold with extruded aluminium sill extension
  • Standard sealed units: Clear, Low-E, Georgian grills (Other types of sealed units are available upon request)
  • Nailing fin

+ Colors

  • Interior PVC: White
  • Exterior aluminum: White, Black, Commercial Brown, Almond, Clay
  • ENERGI paint program also available

+ Energy performance

  • The Fusion patio door meets and exceeds the following energy efficiency testing standards for North America : CAN/CSA A 440 and AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./1.S.2/A440
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified