Patio door systems

Uncompromising reliability and design

The Orchestra patio door's leading-edge is your guarantee of reliability, strength, performance, easy maintenance and contemporary allure.

Orchestra patio door by Energi was designed to give you comfort and peace of mind. It includes all the features you look for in a quality door: reliability, durability, performance, security, ease of maintenance and good looks.

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Orchestra Patio Door

+ Benefits

  • Interior and exterior vinyl-capped surfaces offer refined appearance and are basically maintenance-free
  • The cavity draining system in the sill ensures exceptional water drainage
  • High performance roller system for smooth operation
  • Aluminum mosquito screen with easy leveling rollers for smooth sliding

+ Options

  • More than 40 available colors for the interior and exterior
  • Sturdy frame and rigid sashes all PVC version or hybrid (aluminum exterior_and PVC interior). Lift & Slide version slide with ease on rollers along the track.
  • Offered in 2, 3 or 4 panels
  • Aluminum security bar attached to the frame
  • Foot-lock
  • Exterior key lock with key cylinder locking
  • 4-point multipoint locking system
  • Various choices of grid patterns and SDL (Simulated Divide Lite) offered in varied patterns and muntins
  • Handle in contemporary style with interior locking mechanism without lever, available in white, black, bronze, brushed chrome and brushed nickel
  • Handle stylized "Icon": Integrated locking mechanism available in white, black, bronze, brushed chrome and brushed nickel

+ Colors

  • ENERGI paint program available

+ Energy performance

  • The Orchestra patio door meets and exceeds the following energy efficiency testing standards for North America : CAN/CSA A 440 and AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./1.S.2/A440
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified