Patio Door Systems

Vinyl and wood frame fused together for optimum strength.

  • The Performer HP patio door is available with a 5 5/8" or 7 3/8" wood frame
  • Sashes are designed to fit a 1" sealed unit


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Performer Patio Door

+ Benefits

  • This high energy efficiency patio door is available in a wide variety of glazing options and with a sturdy aluminum screen
  • Many options such as jamb extension, integrated mini blinds and glazing options are available to offer a unique style to your door
  • All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosion
  • High performance sill designed with a 10° slope for superior water tightness and drainage.

+ Options

  • Exterior key lock cylinder
  • Anti-theft lock (white only)
  • Durable high quality 2-point lock
  • Brickmolding and aluminum sill extension
  • Exclusive Euro Series specialty handle set with keylock in 6 finishes
  • Integrated nailing fin
  • A variety of glazing options: Low-E/argon; Tinted; v-groove; grilles; internal mini blinds
  • ¼'' and ½'' exterior PVC frame extensions
  • 8 ¼'', 8 ½'' or 9 ¼'' interior jamb extensions
  • Embossed garden panel
  • Head and foot locks for heightened security
  • Exterior pocket cover
  • Brickmould and aluminum sill extension
  • Sidelite and transom

+ Colors

  • Blue White, Cream White and Beige
  • Woodgrain offered on Cream White PVC in the following colours : Natural Oak, Cherry Oak and Hillside Oak
  • ENERGI paint program also available

+ Energy performance

  • The Performer HP patio door meets and exceeds the following energy efficiency testing standards for North America : CAN/CSA A 440 and AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./1.S.2/A440
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified