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The ENERGI Single Hung Window System is specially designed for high quality remodeling and new construction projects. Innovation, experience and conscientiousness reflect the state of mind of our designers when developing this Series. The window can be tilted open at the top to let warm air out and tilted open at the bottom to let cool air in. Cleaning windows is also simplified from inside. This window family features performance, sturdiness and good taste.

Single Hung Window Single Hung Window Single Hung Window

Features & Benefits

  1. Fully welded rigid PVC 4 1/2" (114,3 mm) to 6 9/16'' (166,7mm) frame for a greater sturdiness
  2. Fully welded PVC sash for optimal airtightness
  3. 7/8" (22.2 mm) double glazed and 1 ¼'' (32mm) triple glazed sealed units
  4. Weatherstrip all around the sashes and double at meeting rail providing energy-efficiency
  5. Dual durometer sash profiles with interior glazing beads
  6. Titling sash(es) for easy cleaning
  7. Lifting handle integrated to snap-in bead for a beautiful look
  8. Central security interlock
  9. Efficient sloped draining system
  10. Slim profiles offering an unobstructed view
  11. 7/16'' full or half screen


  • 25 years on PVC
  • 10 years for sealed units
  • 10 years on the mechanism
  • 10 years on paint