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The ENERGI Single Sliding Window System will provide you with the best quality/price ratio. It is ideal for confined space. With its high quality hardware, sashes slide smoothly effortless. The slim line profiles will let you enjoy maximum light and viewing.

Single Sliding Window Single Sliding Window Single Sliding Window

Features & Benefits

  1. 4 1/2" (114,3 mm) to 6 9/16'' (166,7mm) fully welded rigid PVC frame
  2. Welded PVC sashes with 7/8'' (22,2mm) double-glazed and 1 ¼'' (32mm) triple-glazed sealed units
  3. Dual Durometer sash profiles with interior glazing beads
  4. Dedicated one-piece jamb profile
  5. Fixed frame welded directly on the sash for superior strength (single slider)
  6. Triple weatherstrip all around the sashes and double at meeting rail
  7. One-piece meeting rail
  8. Removable single slider mullion for drywall passage
  9. Integrated pull sash rail
  10. Efficient sloped draining system
  11. Slim line profiles for maximum viewing
  12. Interior 7/16'' (11mm) screen
  13. Smooth and easy operation with brass tandem rollers


  • 25 years on PVC
  • 10 years for sealed units
  • 10 years on the mechanism
  • 10 years on paint