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An Experienced Team Dedicated to Contractors and Self-Builders
Since 1993, conceptMAT has developed a cutting-edge expertise in prefabricated building components of walls, beams, roof trusses and other wooden structural elements for various sectors (residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural). Our products comply with industry standards and the National Building Code. Challenging architecture projects are common in our factory.

Innovate in the Construction Sector

Rather than follow the construction industry, conceptMAT belongs to the class of companies that innovates and invests in research and development to offer consumers and contractors the best products on the market. Our prefabricated and insulated injected urethane walls (formerly Revolution Concept) are proof of this.

conceptMAT is proud of its competent and qualified team. We understand the needs of contractors. With our products, the structure of your building will be quickly erected. Your plans and detailed quote will be in good hands. You will benefit from our expertise and will get a quote as soon as possible.

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Cutting-Edge Expertise in the Manufacture of Wooden Structure

Manufacturer of prefabricated wooden structure of high quality for 26 years, we are the specialists in this area. Entrust your project to our manufactured buildings experts.

  • Prefabricated Insulated Wall
  • Wooden Floor Beam
  • Roof Truss

Wooden Beam Distribution

As a manufacturer of wooden beams, we offer: Several models of Parallam (PSL) and Microllam (LVL) wooden beams.

Various models of steel columns, joist hangers and anchors of these brands :

  • USP
  • Simpson
  • Wooden Floor Beam

Structural components in glued-laminated timber or in solid wood.

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A Delivery of your Wooden Structures Adapted to your Site.

Many residential and commercial projects on Quebec's Far North have been realised using prefabricated walls, roof trusses, steel beams, and windows manufactured in conceptMAT factories. Our products have also been exported by sea to ports in northern regions.

For a quick and professional delivery, conceptMAT team is at your service.

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