Wooden floor beams

As a manufacturer of wooden beams, we offer different types of composition, such as I beam and open joists. For all our wooden beams, we include the components to complete and finalized the structure: girder, hanger and more. Ask our team for all the items that are included in our submissions.

Features and Benefits of Wooden Floor Beams

Open Beams

Open beams have several advantages for your project.

  • Easy pipe or wiring passage without having to drill the structure

  • Accelerate work sites

  • Large nailing surfaces (2 1/2 '' or 3 1/2 '')

  • Lightness of the material

  • More economical than steel structures

The bases of these beams can be modified according to their location (building sites, stairwells, wood structures). We adapt to your project.

V Open Beams

We also manufacture V open beams adapted to all types of projects.

  • Metal or/and wood V open beams

  • Dimensions starting in height to 9 ¼" up to 24" and length up to 50"

Wooden Floor Beams

It is also available to pre-manufacture your floors in the factory.

  • Modules are designed to include the bracing and the surface to receive the finish of your choice.

  • Available in custom insulated or by our exclusivity, urethane. This product offers increased flexibility thanks to its open cells, its high performance insulating qualities and its acoustic quality than most conventional walls. Do not increase the level of flammability of your project.

Floor beams

12 units in Matane -- floor joists
House in St-Luc -- manufacture of joists, walls and roof trusses.
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